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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-03-17Fonctionnalisme et description linguistiqueJadir, Mohammed
2014كتابة التاريخ الإقتصادي لمغرب القرن العشرينBiad, Tayeb
2015-01Security policies matching through ontologies alignment to support security expertsBenammar, Othman
2015-12-09L’expérience de traduireJadir, Mohammed
2017-11Les banques au Maroc :De la marocanisation spontanée à la marocanisation officielleAit Bouchgour, Taoufik
2018-11Linguistique et discours : description, typologie et théorisationJadir, Mohammed
2019-10Personalized Elearning Open Platform For Alphabetization Awareness In Rural Areas Of MoroccoHayar, Aawatif
2019-11Engineering Analysis of Neuro-Educational Strategies in Monitoring Diabetic Patients: Case of Public Health DoctorsKettani, Anass
2020-06Features detection based blind handover using kullback leibler distance for 5G hetnets systemsHayar, Aawatif
2020-10A Wavelet Denoising and Teager Energy Operator-Based Method for Automatic QRS Complex Detection in ECG SignalKhalil, Mohammed
2020-10Structured Human-Head Pose Representation for Estimation Using Fuzzy Lattice Reasoning (FLR)Naji, Abdelwahad
2020-12Les personnes handicapées visuelles et les nouvelles technologies… 145 4. Les personnes handicapées visuelles et les nouvelles technologies au Maroc. Accessibilité et usagesAit Mous, Fadma
2021-01The problem of obesity, risk factor for cardiovascular disease, in women in low-income areas of the Moroccan suburbsSaile, Rachid
2021-03Chaotic compressive spectrum sensing based on chebyshev map for cognitive radio networksHayar, Aawatif
2021-03First Characterization of Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome Type 5 in North AfricaSaile, Rachid
2021-04COVID-19 in Rural India, Algeria, and Morocco: A Feminist Analysis of Small-Scale Farmers' and Agricultural Laborers' Experiences and Inventive PracticesKadiri, Zakaria
2021-04-09Le travail informel : les vendeurs de rue à Casablanca, ou la reproduction sociale de la précarité. Cas des vendeurs de rue de la Kissariat de SbataLahyani, Khalid
2050-03-26testoth, oth